Top Reasons Why Several Pets Are Rightful Influencers on the Internet

Human beings love having pets and plants around to reignite a bond with nature, even in the crowdest of cities. Nowadays, taking pictures is so handy that we share the best shots of any everyday scene, many starred by our four-legged best friends. The popularity behind pet accounts in social media is massive; some have thousands and thousands of followers. As we will see in this article, some pets are real rock stars on the Internet.

Cats, Dogs, and More Lovely Pets

Becoming an influencer may require a lot of dedication for the layman. In some cases, a boost of Instagram followers can help you get started for good. However, most four-legged best friends don’t need much help to succeed. The Bull Terrier breed is a great example, with a very recognizable “egg-shaped” head and strong limbs.

They are stubborn and independent, only suitable for experienced dog owners or trainers. However, Bull Terriers are brave, child-protecting, energetic dogs, made to be rockstars online.

But, what is a pet channel about? Juniper and Fig, two cute brother foxes, post about their daily doings, from a casual selfie to some playful shots with other animals around their house. And whatever the fox fancy in between, in a nutshell.

Another well-known influencer is Pumpkin the raccoon, an extrovert - you guessed it - raccoon with over 1.3 M followers on Instagram. Other top influencer pets are the following:

Why Do Pets Make People Healthier?

Considering the number of followers these pets have, it’s evident people love animals. What’s more, there seem to be solid reasons to support this passion. Some studies have shown that having pets have a series of positive effects on human health. According to the research, regular interaction with pets helps in the following areas of your lifestyle:

Social petworking: Meow, Purr, Woof, Oink

Many cats and dogs are starring channels online, such as Boo, one of the cutest Pomeranians that drags masses on Facebook. There is also Maru, a Japanese cat starring its own YouTube channel with thousands hitting the Like button regularly.

What about Tardar Sauce, also known as “The Grumpy Cat”? Although no less than 16 M people have watched her videos on YouTube, her face shows a permanent frown. It’s lovely in its way. Some other top pet stars of the social networks are:

Do you Also Have a Pet Star at Home?

Taking pictures and recording videos is seamless these days; many people opt to open a social account for their beloved Bull Terriers, cats, etc. You just need a camera, even a mobile phone can make do, and some patience to catch your friend doing something funny. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the chance to create your star at home.